Despite working from 'poor' raw materials like industrial scraps, the CAMPANA BROTHERS work is always elegant, warm, inviting, and even friendly. Following nature's way of ordering chaos into harmony, the Campana Brothers give life to their creations; you love them and they love you back.

So different and unprecedented, they've been first laughed at by the industry until the iconic creative director of prestigious Italian design company Edra noticed their Vermelha chair in a magazine in 1997 and went on producing it the next year. Today the Vermelha chair is part of the most important museums design collections like the MOMA and Centre Georges Pompidou and the Vitra Museum. Their creations continue to awe us and we're always eager to see more of this world of their own.

"Design is not just about functionality: it's about concepts, getting a reaction, not following trends, following your own heart." Humberto Campana