KEITH HARING (1958 - 1990) is one of the godfathers of the 80s New York Street Art. Inspired by an amateur cartoonist father, Keith was in drawing since his earliest childhood. After 2 semesters studying commercial arts in 1976 in Pittsburgh's, Keith Haring lost interest but continued to study arts on his own in order to develop his own identity.

In 1978 he moved to New York to study painting at the school of Visual Arts where he discovered a burgeoning new underground arts scene. That's in the New York subway stations that he started to draw his iconic bold line works with only a white chalk on the black back of unused advertising billboards. His work became a favorite of NY subway commuters before entering galleries and becoming an international wave of success in the Academic Arts and the Pop Culture. He became friends and collaborators of New York's best creators; Futura 2000, Jean Michel Basquiat, Yoko Ono, Boy George, Roy Lichtenstein and very close to Andy Warhol whose friendship is said to have been instrumental in Keith Haring's work recognition. His subway drawings where signed with a 'Radiant Baby' that is now part of everyone's life through popular culture appropriation.

Always very engaged, Keith Haring used his imagery to bring awareness to illustrate and fund social causes; in particular for AIDS organizations and Children programs support. A year after he found out he had AIDS, he created the Keith Haring Foundation that carries on his charity work.