Midcentury Modern European Cross


Midcentury European wall crucifix in ceramic with anthracite, dark grey fat-lava Christ figure on glossy cream-colored, star-shaped cross with localized areas of blue. Brutalist and space-age cross over, raw and futurist 1970s work. Part of a large collection of crosses handmade by Flemish artisans. A unique decorative item for anyone interested in distinctive folk art or religious items as home decor.

From modernism to brutalism, the crosses in our collection range from being as futurist as a modernist church to as raw as a brutalist building. Each artist offered a different take on the representation of faith through volumes and colors. The collection offers great choice to compose a custom wall of modernist crucifixes, or as a gift to someone who appreciates religious items.



5.38 in.Hx6.5 in.Wx.75 in.D

14 cmHx17 cmWx2 cmD


Item Reference: S1_12