We bring out of production rarities in design & fashion to River North, Chicago.

Our vintage archive Comme Des Garçons clothing collection comes from Japan, and our trove of avant-garde design from a global network of collectors and researchers.

Pieces from our curated design collection can be seen on the sets of films by Oscar-winning directors, and Netflix series, as well as in the interiors of today’s creative and tech culture shapers.

At PHX, we dare to be different with design & fashion pieces that are unique and authentic; pieces you can not find anywhere else.

Established in 2014.


PHX Gallery Founder & Owner Portrait Joachim Lapotre - Design & Fashion 415 W Huron St Chicago

JOACHIM LAPOTRE, co-founder of PHX Gallery

I grew up in Paris where I started out as a freelance graphic designer, and later an art director, for luxury accounts like Chanel, Dior and Helena Rubinstein. During the same period, I was making electronic music and video, some of which were presented at the Beaubourg Flash Festival in 2002 and the Venice Biennale OFF in 2003. Taschen published one of my websites in their 2003 volume, Tashen's 1000 Favorite Websites. Around 2007, I began my career in still-life photography, which lead to multiple publications and exhibitions internationally.

My involvement in different domains has been totally fluid. I'm as much graphic designer as photographer, art director, or even collector, and I'm a casual academic of everything from design to pop-culture. I moved to Chicago in 2013 where I founded Philolux with Carly Lapotre. A culmination of our shared experience makes PHX Gallery today, where Carly and I collaborate on everything from sourcing abroad to graphic design, photography, art direction, and raising our daughter, Paloma. PHX is the next step in our evolution, which brings our interest in Japanese Comme des Garcons clothing. 


PHX Gallery Founder & Owner Portrait Carly Lapotre - Design & Fashion 415 W Huron St Chicago

CARLY LAPOTRE, co-founder of PHX Gallery

I did a BA and an MA in French Literature at the University of Illinois at Chicago. My research focus was on first person narratives in contemporary French fiction. Five years living in Paris, I worked as a freelance writer, English teacher and translator. One of the most interesting projects I did was translating early 1990s French fanzine interviews with the members of Nirvana for Nick Soulsby's 2016 book, Cobain on Cobain: Interviews and Encounters. In 2011, I worked on a documentary with Joachim Lapôtre on American travelers, and later, had multiple roles with fferrone design. In 2013, Joachim and I founded Philolux, an entrepreneurial continuation of our mutual obsession with rare vintage design, and today we run it together as PHX Gallery. We collaborate on everything from ideation to execution of the smallest details.

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