Andrea Branzi small table for Zabro

Andrea Branzi. Table, Grande Tappeto Ibrido. Steel, steel tube, leather.

Andrea Branzi table for Zabro

Small table, now in mass production; originally part of an installation at the Musée St Pierre, Lyon.

H 30 cm. W 15 cm. L 85 cm.

Manufacturer: Zabro, Italy.


Branzi’s small table, like the Animali Domestici Collection, is given a personality. It’s organic shape and legs, far from being features of abstract geometry, could belong to some hitherto undiscovered bird species. It’s gradations of colour and the tactile quality of it’s mixture of hard and soft materials reinforce the idea.


The International Design Yearbook 1987/88 Edited by Philippe Starck. General editor: Deyan Sudjic.

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