Designer wristwatches, chronographs, wall clocks & table clocks made in the 1980s and 1990s in the US and Japan. It's fitting that designers formerly of the Memphis Group like Ettore Sottsass, Natalie du Pasquier and George Sowden, as well as those who shared its zeitgeist like Shohei Mihara, would put their energies towards the conception of timepieces. These are designers who effectively disowned time and all the heavy nostalgia of it. But they also embraced its state of constant change. The result of this dual rapport is timepieces that continually speak to the senses of the reader, a conversation programmed by the designers to evolve with time's passing.  Repetitive patterns, colors that jog perception, the use of "high" and "low" materials like the look of marble on industrially made metal and plastics, and designs that required innovation in industrial manufacturing. All characteristics of these postmodern timepieces.