Greek Set of 4 Putz Houses by Jason Sargenti


Set of 4 unique Architectural Putz Houses handmade by Jason Sargenti in 2021. 

Width from 2" to 2.75"

Height from 1.6" to 2.12"

Depth from 1.5" to 1.75" 

"Sometimes I get bored and wander around Google earth this is the case here, I just dig the forms and how they grew with the landscape, obviously iconic Greece". J Sargenti

Inspired by "Tunis, I thought this would be fun, then I recalled Star Wars was filmed here and lost interest". J Sargenti

Inspired by the American tradition of Putz Houses, popular from the 1930s to the 1970s, these tiny buildings harken back to the era when department stores showcased sets of miniature paper houses illuminated with tiny lights, creating charming villages.

Rooted in Christian and German European customs, the term "Putz" means to decorate or organize. Families would arrange these little houses around their nativity scenes to make it look like their own village. Initially originating in Europe, Putz Houses found their way to America through merchants. During World War I, when trade with European manufacturers ceased, American production adapted and reinvented the concept.

Facing a surging demand, American manufacturers outsourced production to Japan, where the innovative idea of folded paper emerged, making these decorations more affordable and easier to mass-produce.