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Alessandro Mendini for Studio Alchimia 1989 Signed Print, Italy

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Pink star screen-print by Alessandro Mendini, created for Studio Alchimia in 1989. It features a large black and white star dominating the composition, set against a vibrant pink background to make the figure pop. The star is composed of a pixellated, digital-like pattern in black and white. The contrast of the bright pink with the monochrome pattern emphasizes the star's shape and the energy it exudes.

This star is a letter from Mendini's unique alphabet which he used in various scales of design, from architecture to everyday objects. The artwork is not just a visual pleasure but also an invitation to immerse into Mendini's mythology.

Frame: H 44.75" x W 29.25" x D 1.5"
Paper: H 38.35" x W 23"

Shipping: Please contact us.

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