Alessandro Mendini Vase for Studio Alchimia, 1988


Alessandro Mendini created this evocative vase for Studio Alchimia in 1988. Standing at a stately height akin to a column, the vase exhibits a series of wavy, sinuous contours that deliver an illusion of movement and fluidity. It is a piece that challenges the static nature of ceramic work, integrating dynamism into its very structure. The surface of the vase is embellished with a pattern of black and white architectural symbols, likely emblematic of the design dialogue within Studio Alchimia during that period. Each symbol contributes to a visual language that speaks to the foundational elements of architecture and design—form, function, and aesthetics—while also suggesting a narrative beyond the purely decorative. Distinctive and sophisticated, the vase encapsulates a period of design where experimentation and the questioning of traditional forms were paramount. The vase’s commanding presence and the harmony between its form and ornamentation make it a profound statement piece. It reflects the ethos of its time, yet it continues to resonate with contemporary interiors, embodying the timeless interplay between art, design, and the space it inhabits.

H 15.5" x D 4.25" x W 4.25" 

H 39.4 cm x D 10.8 cm x W 10.8 cm