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Alessandro Mendini Wristwatch for Studio Alchimia, Museo Alchimia 1986

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Alessandro Mendini wristwatch for Studio Alchimia, collection Museo Alchimia in 1986 with Giorgio Gregori, Bruno Gregori, Alessandro Guerriero, Adriana Guerriero and Walter Garro.

"This collection is conceived as if it were a museum of 'souvenirs'. It concentrates and
accumulates works thought of as 'existential design' based on the idea of an emotional behavior in design, of a 'drifting painting' capable of superimposing all things so as to transform (camouflage) the whole world into an enormous decorative object. In effect, a decorative world is being prepared."

Condition: Time is accurate. A lot of scratches on the glass and metal, please look closely at the photos and zoom in to see. The strap is not the original, (it will look better with a leather strap of your choice). Thank you

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