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Ceramic Vase "Azteco," by FLORIO PACCAGNELLA for FLORIO KERAMIA 1995

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Semi-waterproof vase titled "Azteco." With its 15" height, symmetrical geometric lines, and gleaming stark white glazed finish, it sets a joyful and meditative tone.


YEAR: 1995
COUNTRY: Hungary
DIMENSIONS: H 15.25 in x W 10.25 in x D 3 in, H 39cm x W 26cm x D 7.5cm
MANUFACTURER: Florio Keramia
DESIGNER: Florio Paccagnella
MATERIAL: Semi-Glazed Ceramic
CONDITION: Excellent
COLOR: Glossy White
PRODUCTION: Out of production


Florio Keramia Vases by Florio Paccagnella,

FLORIO PACCAGNELLA is a Memphis Group hero that has been forgotten by history. He designed the first invitation cards for the Memphis Group.

Paccagnella was discovered by Matteo Thun after finishing his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts at Brera in Milan. He was introduced to Ettore Sottsass in the 1970s, which lead to his founding of a graphic arts company with designers Marco Zanini and Aldo Cibic. Ettore Sottsass thought very highly of Paccagnella’s work and considered him one of the best air brush designers in Europe. The reverence was reciprocal: Paccagnella was so inspired by the geometric shapes and pop colors of Sottsass's Yantra vases that he created his own line of vases with geometric lines and outstanding colors.

All of Paccagnella’s vases are hand-made, hand-painted and glazed.


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