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Pair of Crystal Candle Holders "Ergo" by Angelo Mangiarotti in 1995 for Colle, Italy

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Pair of Italian crystal candle holders titled "Ergo" by Angelo Mangiarotti for Colle Cristalleria in 1995.

Fluid wavy lines give these candlesticks and otherworldly appeal, and yet with a classic style that emphasizes their effortless beauty. As a centerpiece, or a mantle, these candle holders are pieces of art that punctuate an interior with an unparalleled classicism and chicness. Out of production, these pieces can't be found anywhere else. They are deserving of a singular platform for display or use with candles. When used, the lighted candles illuminate the pristine crystal material of these artistic candle holders. Placed in the sunlight, these pieces radiate with glimmering fine crystal of the highest quality, made in Italy by Colle Cristalleria.

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