Cyclik vase by Karim Rashid for Bitossi in 2000, limited edition numbered out of 79,


Karim Rashid, the father of Blobjects, designed this masterpiece for the historical italian pottery house Bitossi. The Cyclik vase was released in a limited edition of 79 numbered pieces. Bitossi used special neon glazes for the whole series designed by Karim Rashid in 2000.

The Cyclik vase reveals the opposing forces involved in Karim Rashid's creative process. The complex yet simple looping structure is questioning gravity and the vase's manufacturing process. A masterpiece. 

When encountering the Cyclik vase for the first time, one can only wonder "what is this" and "how was it made?". 

8.26 x 11.8 x 9.44 inches  /  21 cm x 30 cm x 24 cm

"...A blobject is a design product, often a household object, distinguished by smooth flowing curves, bright colors, and an absence of sharp edges. The word is generally held to be a portmanteau, a contraction of "blob" and "object." The origin of the term is disputed, but it is often attributed to either the designer-author Steven Skov Holt[1] or the designer Karim Rashid..." From Wikipedia.