Damien Hirst Pharmacy Catalog (with stickers and results list), Sotheby's 2004


The book / auction catalog for Damien Hirst's restaurant, Pharmacy. The catalog is for the 2004 Sotheby's auction that featured the contents of the Pharmacy restaurant, which operated from 1997 to 2003 in the UK. Damien Hirst ully designed the restaurant, from the furniture to the plates. Following the closure of Pharmacy in 2003, Hirst collaborated with Sotheby's to auction off the entire contents of the restaurant. The auction was historic, with all the lots being sold and achieving a record total result.

This catalog serves as a documentation of Hirst's work and the restaurant itself. It contains 227 pages that extensively picture and describe the 166 lots that were up for sale. The cover of the catalog is also designed by Damien Hirst, featuring a signature motif related to the restaurant. In addition to the visual and descriptive contents, the catalog includes two sheets of Pharmacy-themed stickers and two sheets listing the price results from the auction, providing comprehensive insight into the event and the items that were sold.

8.26" x 10.6"