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Eye Sconces by FABIO LOMBARDO for FLOS, Italy, 1988

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AeTo sconce by Fabio Lombardo for Flos, 1988. Post modern Italian wall lamps in the shape of eyes, with black metal and iridescent glass faces. Light is projected upward through the glass diffuser. Bringing a edgy alien presence. Postmodern Italian lighting at its best.


YEAR: 1988
DIMENSIONS: H 7in x W 20in x D 12in, H 18cm x W 51cm x D 30cm
DESIGNER: Fabio Lombardo
MATERIAL: Lacquered Steel, Iridescent Glass 
CONDITION: Excellent
COLOR: Black, Iridescent 
PRODUCTION: Out of production


Franco Lombardo Black Eye Sconce for Flos PHXgallery.comFABIO LOMBARDO (currently no infos available for this designer).


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