Fruit Bowls by George Sowden for Bodum, Sereno I & II, 1987


Iconic George Sowden work, the Sereno fruit bowls for Bodum, 1987, are characteristic of the fantastic patterns that Sowden is known for. The cut-out pattern design seen in these baskets is reminiscent of Sowden's Memphis group years and was made at the same time. Sereno II, the taller of the pair, is seen on the cover of the book on Sowden's work, "George J. Sowden: Designing, 1970-1990".

Satisfying both the maximalist and the minimalist, the unconventional and the traditional, these baskets bring life to the details and draw eyes to the accents. 

YEAR: 1987
COUNTRY: Denmark
DIMENSIONS: Sereno II (Taller bowl): H 6.5 in x W 13.25 in x D 13.25  in / H 16cm x W 34cm x D 34cmSereno I (Shorter bowl): H 3.5 in x W 13.5 in x D 13.5  in / H 9cm x W 34.5cm x D 34.5cm
DESIGNER: George Sowden
MATERIAL: Stainless steel
CONDITION: Excellent
COLOR: Silver
PRODUCTION: Out of production