Glass Rose Stem Vase by BOREK SIPEK, Czech, 1980s

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Glass vase designed for a single rose by Bořek Šípek. Made in the Czech Republic in 1988. Mimicking the nature of an actual rose stem, the neck of the vase is embellished with sharp glass thorns, and the tripod base is an intriguing swirl, like a vine. An exquisite object. Engraved with the designer's signature. 


YEAR: 1980s
COUNTRY: Czechia
DIMENSIONS: H in x W in x D in, H cm x W cm x D cm
DESIGNER: Borek Sipek
CONDITION: Excellent
COLOR: Clear
PRODUCTION: Out of production


Portrait of Borek Sipek.

BOREK SIPEK (1949-2016) graduated from school for arts and crafts in Prague in 1968 and from there went on to study philosophy and aesthetics in Germany throughout the 1970s. In 1983, he opened up an architecture and design studio in Amsterdam. It was there where he explored oriental and occidental crafts techniques and multiplied solo exhibitions, leading to an illustrious career in design and architecture. Sipek was appointed architect of the Prague Castle and worked through an important part of the 1990s on redesigning the castle complex. He is known as a versatile and imaginative artist using many different mediums and techniques.