Maddalena Lamp by Matteo Thun for Bieffeplast, Stillight series, Italy 1985


The Maddalena is part of the cult "Stillight" series of lamps created by Matteo Thun for Bieffeplast in 1985 in Italy. Designed like fortified structures and made in enamelled metal, the little architectures cast a soft atmospheric light. Each of these lamps have their own charismatic personality, their own presence in a room.

The Maddalena is a large 24.8" lamp that can be used as a floor lamp or as a table lamp. Made of a cubic base flanked by a tower with a light atop, sitting on a thin darker pedestal.

Enamelled stell. 24.8 x 9.8 x 9.8 inches.

Matteo Thun was a prominent Memphis Group member. A lot of his creations for Memphis are among the most iconic and recognizable from the movement. For example his tea pots for Memphis are some kind of perfect creatures coming from other worlds, some alien technology using ancient knowledge. Each tea pot encompasses and transcends all design history, they're timeless like the metal forts from the "Stillight" series.

Also available from the same series, the even larger WWF Tower. A must see.