Memphis Exhibition 35x23" 1984 Gala Chicago, Original Poster by Xeno Framed


Iconic 1984 Memphis poster designed by Christopher Garland at Xeno design studio, with an illustration by Michael Glascott.

Designed for the 1984 Opening Gala event at the CITY store for the presentation of the first Memphis Collection in 1983.

The poster shows a figure sitting back in a 'Bel Air' armchair by Peter Shire, with a 'Treetops' floor lamp by Ettore Sottsass and a 'Kyoto' side table by Shiro Kuramata. All these iconic designs are there re-invented through the eye of the artist Michael Glascott. The triangular faced figure sits nonchalantly in the armchair, with super pointy shoulder patches and little rainbows on a triangular torso, a giant pompadour hair style and pointy denims while listening to the Talking Heads and other extravagant 1980s pop music by Devo. The extreme pompadour hairdo and the giant legs make the scene look like distorted as seen through a wide-angle/fish-eye lens of a skateboard video. 

Paper: H 35.5" x W 23.37"
Frame: H 36.8" x W 24.75" x D 1.5"

Offset lithograph on paper.

Condition: Light scratches, please zoom in the photos.