Pavone Chair by Riccardo Dalisi, limited edition for Zabro (Zanotta)1986


Peacock chair by Riccardo Dalisi released in 1986 for Zanotta's Edizioni Series dedicated to limited edition artistic designs.

Named Pavone, Italian for “peacock”, the bird after which it was designed. The fanned feathers are depicted with small yellow round circles at the crown-tipped back. The feet are bird-like and painted yellow. A peacock’s neck, head and beak descend down at the front of the seat and are punctuated by a coral-colored worm that we can imagine the peacock wrestling to its mouth.

Made of steel, the chair has an unqualified strength of material with an undeniable poetry of design. The empty space counts as much as the tangible parts. Dalisi, an artist, architect, designer and poet at the forefront of early Italian radical design, credits Zanotta for its willingness to produce poetic pieces like these that skirt our conventional expectations of what a chair should look like.

Height: 37 in. Width: 21.25 in. Depth: 21.25 in. (Seat Height: 16.53 in.)