Peter Shire 1983 Postmodern Teapot, signed dated

Early Memphis teapot by Peter Shire in 1983. Other similar model available (pictured as group photos in this listing).

This teapot is a perfect representation of Memphis Design, created by Peter Shire. It's an embodiment of the Memphis Group's ethos, which celebrated eccentric, colorful design with a playful approach to form and function, a movement that came to prominence in the 1980s. The use of primary colors—bold red for the body, deep blue for the spout and handle, and a vibrant yellow for the lid—along with the geometric shapes, are quintessential Memphis Design characteristics.

The handcrafted nature of this piece is evident in the texture of the paint and the unique form, which defies traditional teapot designs. This particular teapot, with its angular, sculptural quality, is more than a functional item; it is a piece of art. The signature and the date, 1983, on the teapot denote its authenticity and place it in the context of the early years of the Memphis movement, reflecting a time when design conventions were being challenged. Shire's work is known for its playful yet functional nature, and this teapot is a prime example of his innovative approach to everyday objects.