Porcelain Candle Holder by HEIDE WARLAMIS, Austria 1980s


Porcelain candle holder by the Austrian designer Heide Warlamis. It is part of her cult series called the Vienna Collection where each piece refers to building types. In this piece, the shape is architectural and whimsical, resembling a castle. It has a graphic design pattern of black rectilinear lines on white that resemble columns and facade decor. 


YEAR: 1980s
COUNTRY: Austria
DIMENSIONS: 7in.H x 6.33in.W x 6.33in.D, 17.78cm.H x 16.85cm.W x 16.85cm.D
MANUFACTURER: Heide Warlamis
DESIGNER: Heide Warlamis
MATERIAL: Porcelain
CONDITION: Excellent
COLOR: Black, White
PRODUCTION: Out of production


Portrait of Austrian designer, Heide Warlamis.

In 1975 in Vienna, Austria, HEIDE WARLAMIS (b. 1942) founded her studio where she focuses on small sculptures. In 1981, Warlamis began the development of her porcelain design collection, which under the name Vienna Collection led to worldwide presentation as well as international awards and achievements. In this development process, she dealt intensively with the Viennese tradition, which once produced a surplus of artistic objects, but never experienced a renewal until Warlamis's collection.