Post-modern Ball Vase by Harris-Cies, Signed Dated, USA 1980s


This ball vase, signed "Harris-Cies" and dated "1989," represents the early creative period of the artist couple from Walker Valley, NY. Characteristic of their 1980s work, it features a cobalt blue base overlaid with abstract designs in peach, white, and mint green, applied via airbrush. The patterns are intersected with white lines and black dots, creating a balanced composition on the spherical form—a less common shape in their collection. This piece stands as a notable example of their production, showcasing their exploration of color and form during their first decade of collaboration.

The Harris-Cies experienced distinct creative phases, each surpassing and affirming the preceding one. Their exploration led them to remarkable destinations, manifesting in productions of sincere and compelling artistry, fearless in diverging from prevailing trends. This is the hallmark of true artists—incessantly reinventing themselves without concession, in a relentless pursuit of evolution.

Diam 4.5" x H 4.35"