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Post-modern Birdhouse in the style of Aldo Rossi, 1980s Milano Series

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Architectural Birdhouse in the style of Aldo Rossi, Milano Series (Europe 1980s). Painted wood, copper. Labelled "Milano series" on the base. H 14.75" x 6" x 6"

Crafted from painted wood, the carefully chosen color palette of this architectural birdhouse is both surprising, unexpected and elegant, reflective of its time. It has a geometric cubic body, with a flat facade and crisp, clean lines that echo the post-modern preference for stark, defined shapes. The structure's firm base enhances the sculpture's visual impact.

The copper roof, reminiscent of the architectural influences of Aldo Rossi, climbs gracefully to a pointed apex and is adorned with a triangular flag. The metallic luster of copper is destined to develop a rich patina over time.

In tribute to Aldo Rossi, the birdhouse's architectural form, with its essential geometric shapes, carries the spirit of his design philosophy. The tapering copper roof and the conceptual use of elements are evocative of Rossi's distinctive approach to architecture.

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