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Post-Modern Dog Cookie Jar by Cunningham Pottery, Handmade 1990s USA

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This post-modern ceramic cookie jar, with its distinctive cubic form and playful large dog handle, is a prime example of the unique craftsmanship of Steve and Miky Cunningham from the early 1990s. Handmade at Cunningham Pottery in the USA, it showcases a vibrant interplay of colors and patterns. The jar's surface is adorned with a classic cobalt blue overlayed with a mauve bumpy polka dot pattern. Encircling the jar is a line of dog silhouettes in a dynamic motif, evoking the image of a pack of dogs in motion.

The dog design atop the jar is a stylized silhouette that playfully nods to Keith Haring's iconic barking dog, a symbol that joyously permeated popular culture and creative fields since the 1980s.

The cookie jar carries the embossed signature "Cunningham Pottery". The Cunninghams, renowned for their artistry and functional designs, have made significant contributions to contemporary ceramics, as evidenced by their evolving techniques and self-developed glazes. Their work, widely exhibited across the United States, encapsulates their dedication to the craft and the joy of creating art that resonates on both an aesthetic and utilitarian level.


D 5.8" x W 6" x H 10.5"

D 14.7 cm x W 15.2 cm x H 26.6 cm

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