Post-modern vase by John Bergen Studio, signed 1980s Canada


From the John Bergen Studio in 1980s Canada comes this ceramic vase, a piece that captures the essence of post-modern design with its blend of atypical forms and motifs. Eschewing conventional shapes, it presents a silhouette that diverges from the norm. The vase is dressed in a restrained palette, with a deep black base enlivened by purple and turquoise geometric accents. It carries a pattern repeated across various forms and sizes in Bergen's work, marking it as part of a broader collection that was highly regarded at the time. This design, a confluence of abstract and geometric elements, was a signature of Bergen, reflecting the design narratives of its period.

Height: 15.12 in (38.41 cm)Width: 9.12 in (23.17 cm)Depth: 3 in (7.62 cm)