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Postmodern Serving Tray by Michael Graves, Stainless Steel and Frosted Glass, 2000 USA

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This serving tray embodies Michael Graves' way of making everyday objects noble and accessible.

Thick and round, the rubber-like handles have a good grip and feel soft at the same time. They recall the similarly thick and round handles of Michael Graves' acclaimed designs for Alessi. Their blue color is also a strong Michael Graves signature. The stainless steel rim generously circles an almost industrial frosted glass bottom fixed by rivets. The tray and its 2 handles are like intertwined circles. A well balanced design: delicate like glass and strong like stainless steel. The tray bears the embossed signature of Michael Graves.

A wonderful piece at the intersection of Art Deco and Postmodernity.

Released in USA in 2000, this « Serving tray » is new and unused.

19 x 14.5 x H 3.5 inches

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