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Javier Mariscal Exhibition Poster, "Shaped Like Things", signed & numbered, limited edition of 100 giclee

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Hand signed and numbered, exhibition poster designed by Javier Mariscal, limited edition of 100 Giclée print on Matte Lithorealistic 269gr paper (23.4 x 33 inches). Mariscal's signature style illustrates the pieces in the "Shaped like Things" exhibition in vibrant colors.

Javier Mariscal is famous in the design community for his involvement in the rebellious Memphis Group. His "Duplex" bar stool and his 1981 "Hilton" trolley are an important part of the Memphis legacy. But what is less known is that Javier Mariscal is also a cult underground comic book artist, and an important illustrator. In the mainstream, his most famous work is "Cobi" the Mascot for the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympic games.

Other cult design by Javier Mariscal that we are offering is the 1987 Mickey chair made in Spain. A chair with a large pair of Mickey ears and 4 life size Mickey shoes a made of cast aluminum. The real name is Garriris chair, after a comic book character recurrent in the Javier Mariscal world.
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