Tea Pot Columbina Superba by Matteo Thun for Memphis, rare Artist Proof number XII, 1982


The Columbina Superba tea pot was designed by Matteo Thun for Memphis in 1982 (now out of production). This is a rare Artist proof: the iridescent blue color on the spout and the feet is specific to this very limited edition of Artist Proofs.

H 11.3" x W 9" x D 5.5"

H 28.71 cm x W 22.8 cm x D 13.9 cm

Standing high on four legs with elephant-like feet, the Columbina Superba looks like a tech pet, a smart object that needs to be cuddled and talked to daily. Matteo Thun gave life to fascinating life forms transcending design and art history.

The Columbina Superba was handmade and signed by the Italian master potter Alessio Sarri, who made all the Memphis Group's ground-breaking ceramic potteries.

Matteo Thun was a prominent Memphis Group member. His creations are among the most iconic and recognizable from the movement. For example his tea pots for Memphis are some kind of living creatures coming from other worlds, life forms created by alien technology. Each tea pot embodies the past the present and the future of design, they're timeless.

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