Whale Weather Vane by Takenobu Agarashi for the Markuse Corp in 1992, USA

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Very rare Whale weather vane by Takenobu Igarashi for the Markuse Corp in 1992, USA. New in box with manual. Cast aluminum painted in dark "sea" blue.

"Takenobu Igarashi is a designer and sculptor of international notability. His work is prominently displayed in the permanent design collection of MoMa, New York, as well as in other museums and universities throughout the world.
Igarashi, impassioned by the environmental movement, selected the whale as his motif because of its significance in the crusade to save the earth. The color of this simple and beautiful weathervane is a washed slate-blue. It measures 25" in height and 17 1/2" in length." Text from the manufacturer.

The Markuse Corporation is well known in the postmodern field for their remarkable mailboxes created by prominent American postmodern masters: Robert Venturi, Stanley Tigerman and Michael Graves. Made of folded metal sheets the huge mailboxes are true doll houses for lovers of American postmodern architecture.

The weather vanes made by the same masters for the same company are much less known because they are extremely rare. We have read about it in the press releases but never seen one before. Luckily, this one was miraculously saved from a dead stock, new in box with manual. A real unicorn. Also available is the weathervane by Michael Graves.