Wolf Mug Handmade 1990s Studio Pottery USA, Signed Cunningham Pottery


Crafted with a post-modern sensibility, this American Studio Pottery mug is the creation of Steve and Miky Cunningham, made by hand in their Iowa workshop in 1991. The piece is a study in the fusion of function and whimsy, as utilitarian form meets the imaginative spirit of its creators. The mug, with its cylindrical body, is rendered in a slate blue glaze, accented with a recurring motif of white, elongated droplets that add a tactile element. This textural patterning complements the bold silhouette of a wolf that forms the mug's handle, a creative homage to the iconic dog motifs by artist Keith Haring. The sculptural and substantial size of the offers a comfortable grip.
A hand-applied signature, "Cunningham 91," marks the mug's base.

W 5" x H 5.35" x D 3.25"
Mug Diam: 3.25"
Wolf handle:  H 4" x W 2.5" x D 0.37"
Another similar mug in blue available