'The Damrack' Birdhouse by Jason Sargenti

Handmade architectural birdhouse by Jason Sargenti, hand-signed dated, USA 2020.
The Damrack – Whimsical temple to song birds.
Made of a birdhouse and various shapes painted in playful color and marble.
9” x 5‐3/4” x 6”

PHXgallery Circular Birdhouse by Jason Sargenti
PHXgallery Circular Birdhouse by Jason Sargenti
PHXgallery Circular Birdhouse by Jason Sargenti

The motivation for making these Bird Houses came from a desire to provide some contrast in my surroundings. Initially, I would purchase ugly birdhouses and renovate them. My plan included distributing theme to open fields around my rural Up-State NY community, to provide homes for songbirds. Eventually those were all either stolen or used as target practice by the locales. The proceeding iterations, made during quarantine, were less for distribution to a hostile community and more to maintain my own sanity. The resulting constructions are fantasies, speculations and inspiration that continue a discourse in speculative design. J Sargenti


PHXgallery Pink Birdhouse by Jason Sargenti
PHXgallery Blue Birdhouse by Jason Sargenti
PHXgallery Factory Birdhouse by Jason Sargenti
PHXgallery Golden Egg Birdhouse by Jason Sargenti
PHXgallery Pink Birdhouse by Jason Sargenti

My formative years were split between New York City and Florida, in the 1980’s and 90’s. On the weekends, during the school year, my mother would drag me around South Florida, documenting the beach homes of money launderers and narcotics importers for a popular design magazine and during the summer, I would follow my cooler older brother around SoHo as he delivered “Fashion” to celebrity photo shoots.

Like many who make things, I attended Design School where I was told my colorful, creations were un-relatable and just plain terrible. My faculty was unwilling or unable to provide a context for what interested me. It was only in the last several years that I began to piece together the historical context that exerted so much influence over me (that which people label generically as 80’s).

My perspective is less a longing for the return to the age of decadence and more a feeling that there is fertile ground to mine for ideation.

Jason Sargenti is a New York State, licensed, Architect with a body of built work in the private and public sector, an experienced University Educator and an Expert Generalist with a skills base in Project Management, Building Technology, Historic Masonry Restoration, Site Planning and Sustainable Design. Jason holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from The New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University and a Masters of Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design.